Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to KHA-53 Rochester

This is the home page for the audio stream of KHA-53, the Voice of the National Weather Service, broadcasting on 162.40MHz from a transmitter atop Baker Hill - Perinton, New York. It is programmed by the National Weather Service office in Buffalo, New York.

KHA-53 covers Monroe County, which encompasses the largest city in the coverage area - Rochester. But it also can be heard and delivers weather warnings to the following counties: Livingston, Ontario, Yates, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, Orleans, and Genesee.

KHA-53 also covers both the coastline and open waters of Lake Ontario from about Point Breeze, New York eastward to Fair Haven, New York.

Those on the western side of the reception area may also tune to WNG-539 Spencerport, New York testing on 162.525MHz. Programming is largely the same as that on KHA-53, although not a direct relay.

KHA-53 has been serving the needs of greater Rochester for several decades, originally programmed by the National Weather Service office at the Greater Rochester International Airport, transmitting from an antenna atop Pinnacle Hill in the town of Brighton, New York. But during the consolidation era of the Weather Service, programming operations were transferred to Buffalo and the transmitter was moved to the southeastern suburb of Perinton, New York, which is on the Monroe-Ontario county line. This move improved reception in the Finger Lakes region to the south of Rochester.

Other weather radio services programmed by the Buffalo office of the National Weather Service include:

Buffalo, New York - KEB-98 - 162.550MHz
Frewsburg, New York - WNG-541 - 162.525MHz
Little Valley, New York - WWG-32 - 162.425Mhz
Watertown, New York - WXN-68 - 162.475MHz

This relay service is not affiliated with or provided by the National Weather Service. It is provided as a public service. Listeners should not rely on this service for urgent weather information. Instead, please tune to the direct transmissions of these weather radio services for the most timely updates and reliable service.

Important Update: Until 23 June 2008, this stream should be considered experimental. Occasional interruptions in the stream, observed as silence, will occur as equipment is installed to provide permanent service. Thank you for your patience.


Jim said...

How do I start the stream?

howdydave said...

KHA-53 was accessable on my Digital Radio until a few months ago (as was Buffalo.) Then both of these stations went offline on the NOAA network. These days I have to do some guesswork based on the Syracuse station that is still online.

Any chance of the Rochester station coming back online?

Phillip Dampier said...

Anyone who finds our stream suddenly missing from the website or application you use to launch it can navigate your browser to this direct link to launch KHA-53: