Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy Holidays - Audio Improvements & Backup Stream Now Available

We wish listeners Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a grand New Year.

As of this date, we have doubled the bitrate of the KHA53 stream on NOAAWeatherRadio.org, which should improve fidelity without consuming excessive amounts of data for those streaming from mobile devices.

We are aware of some audio anomalies on the stream and are working on them. When apparent, these anomalies cause brief interruptions in the stream which causes some audio to drop. We believe we have identified the cause of these issues and have corrected most of them.

Remember if one stream is down, we offer a backup here. From this link, you can scroll through the public safety radio feeds and find us. You can also listen to various fire, police, and ambulance services serving Monroe County/Rochester, N.Y. on this page.

If you notice both streams down, please report this to: kha53@phillipdampier.com for investigation.

Remember, for instant access to important weather information including watches and warnings, you can access NOAA Weather Radio live 24 hours a day on these frequencies in  western and central New York:

City of Service/Antenna Site   Callsign   Freq.(MHz)  Power/Watts

Buffalo/North Boston           KEB98      162.550     600 watts
Rochester/Baker Hill           KHA53      162.400     500 watts
Spencerport                    WNG539     162.525     300 watts
Frewsburg/Mayville             WNG541     162.525     175 watts
Cattaraugus/Little Valley      WWG32      162.425     100 watts
Syracuse/Makyes Road           WXL31      162.550     1000 watts
Binghamton                     WXL38      162.475     1000 watts
Elmira/Hawley Hill             WXM31      162.400     1000 watts
Call Hill                      WXN29      162.425     300 watts 
Mt. Washington/Bath            WXN55      162.450     300 watts
Ithaca                         WXN59      162.500     1000 watts
Watertown/Miser Hill           WXN68      162.475     100 watts
Lyons                          WZ2536     162.475     250 watts

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We're Back - New URL to Bookmark!

With thanks to one of our readers, we have been able to get back online.

We have heard from multiple sources that Weather Underground, which has supported weather radio streaming services like ours for about a decade, is closing down the service officially on March 1, 2017. It has effectively been down already for over a week and there is every indication it will never be back.

We consider this service useful and we have loyal listeners who promptly notify us whenever the stream does go down. We have tried to provide reliable service over the nearly 10 years it has been online and we intend to keep going. For the moment, the feed is up and running again at a new link you should bookmark:

[Link updated 2/21/17 - 11:42am EST]

NOAA Weather Radio KHA53 Rochester, NY (http://wxradio.dyndns.org:8000/rochester.mp3)

This won't be an elegant solution at the moment but it will work for most browsers. We are still investigating how to update the myriad of apps and other services like Scanner Radio and TuneIn on how to find our new feed. Many of our listeners hear the stream through third-party apps. We will continue to update you with our progress, and thanks for being patient.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Another Extended Outage

All weather radio feeds hosted by Weather Underground, including ours, have been down for the last several days. They are aware of the problem but we do not yet have an ETA on when this will be fixed. This is affecting ALL 160+ weather radio feeds across the country, so it is a very serious outage. We wish we had an easy solution for this issue, but we do not. We can only hope that Weather Underground will continue to be a reliable streaming partner in the future, as they have generally been for the decade we have been providing this service to the public.

Our apologies. We are frustrated as well.