Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Service Being Moved to a New Machine

We resumed service just before 4pm EST this afternoon. It is good to be back. No further outages are anticipated, but if you experience a problem, you can report it 24/7 by calling (585) 442-4427.

We are in the process of moving the KHA-53 feed to a new machine and the service has been down since late Sunday morning. We realize this happened right in the middle of a significant storm event in the Rochester region and apologize for the inconvenience to listeners. This feed has been provided continuously since 2008 on a machine that has been in use in our offices since 2003. It has been suffering from an increasing number of hardware failures and it was apparent the end was near. A new machine required the removal of the old one and we've also used this opportunity to install a backup power supply, overhaul the cabling system, and clean out the accumulated dust.

We are scheduled to resume streaming service later this Tuesday afternoon and there may be subsequent short term outages as we tweak the stream for optimum performance. In most cases, these outages should only last a few minutes. If you are in the immediate Rochester area, you may be able to receive marginal reception of two Traveler Information Service low-power radio stations that operate on 910 and 1610KHz on your AM radio dial, especially during daylight hours. Both stations rebroadcast NOAA Weather Radio when not providing traffic information.

If you own a weather radio, you may also find service available to you on an expanded network of stations serving western and central New York:

Buffalo - KEB98 - 162.55MHz
Rochester - KHA53 - 162.40MHz
Spencerport - WNG539 - 162.525MHz
Frewsburg - WNG541 - 162.525MHz
Little Valley - WWG32 - 162.425MHz
Lyons - WZ2536 - 162.475MHz
Elmira - WXM31 - 162.40MHz
Ithaca - WXN59 - 162.500MHz

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year - Another Outage

With regret, we seem to be experiencing another streaming outage at this time.

Weather Underground, which provides the hosting service, appears to be partly offline. This is affecting virtually all online weather radio streaming services nationwide.

Prior experience with outages of this type suggests Weather Underground will not get around to correcting the problem until regular business hours on Monday.

Monday, September 22, 2014

More Problems with Weather Underground

Our stream of KHA53 has been down since the weekend due to a problem with Weather Underground which handles distribution of our audio streaming service. There's been no information from Weather Underground about when (of if) service will resume. They are in the midst of a website redesign after being acquired by the Weather Channel. There is a possibility they may discontinue support for streaming NOAA Weather Radio.

But no worries; if Weather Underground stops support, or if the outage is prolonged, we will turn to an alternative provider to resume our service and you will be able to listen on this page.

We will have further updates as the situation becomes clearer. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Problems With Weather Underground

The listing of NOAA Weather Radio stations streaming on Weather Underground is apparently not functioning properly on their website right now. If you access KHA-53 from Weather Underground, you may find our listing missing over the Independence Day holiday.

The stream for KHA-53 Rochester can be directly launched by clicking on this link instead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Problems With the Stream? Please Let Us Know

From time to time, a technical fault may interrupt the live streaming of KHA-53. We work hard to maintain a reliable and technically superior stream of the weather radio service for Greater Rochester and the Finger Lakes region. In fact, it is so reliable, we sometimes don't immediately notice any technical issues.

If you find the stream is not functioning properly, here are the most likely causes and what you can do about them:

  • Loud static, no program audio heard: This is typically an indication KHA-53's transmitter is off the air. The most common time this occurs is during a failed test of the emergency alert system conducted at around 11:00am ET each Wednesday. If the transmitter detects an extended period of no audio, it will temporarily shut down and reset, usually within a few minutes. There is usually no need to report this technical fault. However, if you notice an extended period of static/white noise that lasts for over one hour, please let us know. We can re-tune to the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter relay in nearby Spencerport, N.Y., if the primary audio feed is unavailable. This alternate transmitter delivers nearly identical weather information;
  • Loud hum on feed: This is almost always caused by a fault with the Verizon or Frontier phone line which feeds the audio from the National Weather Service forecast office in Buffalo to the transmitter in Rochester. A slight hum is normal, a very loud hum is not. Please report it to us so we can report it to them;
  • Very low or very loud/distorted program audio: This is usually a problem on our end when the streaming computer is mis-configured. If power is interrupted for an extended period and the battery backup fails, when power is restored, our weather radio will reset to the default, audio muted state. You may still hear program audio at a very low volume with poor audio quality when this happens. Program audio that is very loud or distorted is likely also our fault. Please report both instances so we can correct them as quickly as possible;
  • No stream available: If the stream is missing from the Weather Underground index of weather radio stations or will not launch from a third party app or link, this usually means our Internet connection is down or a technical fault has caused the stream software to fail. Please report this to us.
How to report technical faults with the online streaming of KHA-53:

By Phone (24 hours): (585) 730-6570
By E-Mail: kha53@phillipdampier.com

Thursday, January 14, 2010

KHA53's Streaming

KHA53 is received at a monitoring station in the town of Brighton, just southeast of Rochester.  We use a Midland WR300 receiver with warnings disabled to prevent the radio from muting after a severe weather bulletin or weekly test.  The audio is fed into the Weather Underground streaming network with a standard monaural patch cable into a machine running Windows 7.

Time Warner Cable provides cable modem connectivity.  The stream is operational 24/7 unless our Internet connection drops.

To directly access KHA53, you can click here to launch the stream with an audio player like Windows Media, Winamp, or other similar player.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Welcome to KHA-53 Rochester

This is the home page for the audio stream of KHA-53, the Voice of the National Weather Service, broadcasting on 162.40MHz from a transmitter atop Baker Hill - Perinton, New York. It is programmed by the National Weather Service office in Buffalo, New York.

KHA-53 covers Monroe County, which encompasses the largest city in the coverage area - Rochester. But it also can be heard and delivers weather warnings to the following counties: Livingston, Ontario, Yates, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, Orleans, and Genesee.

KHA-53 also covers both the coastline and open waters of Lake Ontario from about Point Breeze, New York eastward to Fair Haven, New York.

Those on the western side of the reception area may also tune to WNG-539 Spencerport, New York testing on 162.525MHz. Programming is largely the same as that on KHA-53, although not a direct relay.

KHA-53 has been serving the needs of greater Rochester for several decades, originally programmed by the National Weather Service office at the Greater Rochester International Airport, transmitting from an antenna atop Pinnacle Hill in the town of Brighton, New York. But during the consolidation era of the Weather Service, programming operations were transferred to Buffalo and the transmitter was moved to the southeastern suburb of Perinton, New York, which is on the Monroe-Ontario county line. This move improved reception in the Finger Lakes region to the south of Rochester.

Other weather radio services programmed by the Buffalo office of the National Weather Service include:

Buffalo, New York - KEB-98 - 162.550MHz
Frewsburg, New York - WNG-541 - 162.525MHz
Little Valley, New York - WWG-32 - 162.425Mhz
Watertown, New York - WXN-68 - 162.475MHz

This relay service is not affiliated with or provided by the National Weather Service. It is provided as a public service. Listeners should not rely on this service for urgent weather information. Instead, please tune to the direct transmissions of these weather radio services for the most timely updates and reliable service.

Important Update: Until 23 June 2008, this stream should be considered experimental. Occasional interruptions in the stream, observed as silence, will occur as equipment is installed to provide permanent service. Thank you for your patience.