Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Service Being Moved to a New Machine

We resumed service just before 4pm EST this afternoon. It is good to be back. No further outages are anticipated, but if you experience a problem, you can report it 24/7 by calling (585) 442-4427.

We are in the process of moving the KHA-53 feed to a new machine and the service has been down since late Sunday morning. We realize this happened right in the middle of a significant storm event in the Rochester region and apologize for the inconvenience to listeners. This feed has been provided continuously since 2008 on a machine that has been in use in our offices since 2003. It has been suffering from an increasing number of hardware failures and it was apparent the end was near. A new machine required the removal of the old one and we've also used this opportunity to install a backup power supply, overhaul the cabling system, and clean out the accumulated dust.

We are scheduled to resume streaming service later this Tuesday afternoon and there may be subsequent short term outages as we tweak the stream for optimum performance. In most cases, these outages should only last a few minutes. If you are in the immediate Rochester area, you may be able to receive marginal reception of two Traveler Information Service low-power radio stations that operate on 910 and 1610KHz on your AM radio dial, especially during daylight hours. Both stations rebroadcast NOAA Weather Radio when not providing traffic information.

If you own a weather radio, you may also find service available to you on an expanded network of stations serving western and central New York:

Buffalo - KEB98 - 162.55MHz
Rochester - KHA53 - 162.40MHz
Spencerport - WNG539 - 162.525MHz
Frewsburg - WNG541 - 162.525MHz
Little Valley - WWG32 - 162.425MHz
Lyons - WZ2536 - 162.475MHz
Elmira - WXM31 - 162.40MHz
Ithaca - WXN59 - 162.500MHz


Christopher said...

Hi, I always listen to KHA53. I noticed it has changed a lot and is now KHI53. Why the change?

Phillip Dampier said...

The automated voice was mis programmed with the wrong information. It has since been corrected to reflect the correct call sign.