Thursday, January 14, 2010

KHA53's Streaming

KHA53 is received at a monitoring station in the town of Brighton, just southeast of Rochester.  We use a Midland WR300 receiver with warnings disabled to prevent the radio from muting after a severe weather bulletin or weekly test.  The audio is fed into the Weather Underground streaming network with a standard monaural patch cable into a machine running Windows 7.

Time Warner Cable provides cable modem connectivity.  The stream is operational 24/7 unless our Internet connection drops.

To directly access KHA53, you can click here to launch the stream with an audio player like Windows Media, Winamp, or other similar player.


Tim said...

Great idea. So now I can get detailed weather while I am away from home.

Just out of curiosity, I compared the feed with the direct radio o/p on 162.39 MHz expecting to find a delay of about 3 seconds. I was surprised to find the delay is actually more like 30 seconds. Not that anything is wrong with that of course. Is that an intentional buffer setting or is it just the way the software works?


Jitender said...
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OCSO said...

Nothing but static coming across from the Rochester Station

Phillip Dampier said...

Sorry I missed Tim's comment. The delay is caused by the encoding of the live stream and its processing on the server and its redistribution. There are also buffering issues. To avoid interruptions, your audio player is likely buffering at least 10-15 seconds of audio before you get to hear it. That is what causes the brief delay.